Conference Presentations 2015

The 2015 Conference Presentations are now available:

Title Type
Sending correspondence by email from EMIS Web Tutorial
Preparing for Detailed Coded record Access in EMIS Web 5.8/5.9 Tutorial
SNOMED CT and the Retiring of Read Codes Video Tutorial
Using EMIS Reports to Drive PRIMIS National Audits Video Tutorial
NHSMail2 Video Tutorial
Federated Working Q&A Video Tutorial
Federations & Information Management Video Tutorial
Federated working Video Tutorial
Patient Online: What Receptionists Need to Know Video Tutorial
The Future is Here: Better patient access, outcomes and operational efficiency for General Practice Video Tutorial
Patient Online: Extended session from the NUG Conference 2015 Tutorial
Summary Care Record Overview Conference 2015 Video Tutorial
EPSr2 and Repeat Dispensing Video Tutorial
GP2GP Update September 2015 Video Tutorial
Advanced Tools in the Consultation Video Tutorial
Configuring Appointments Video Tutorial
The future is here: Better patient access, outcomes and operational efficiency for General Practice Video Tutorial
Mobilising data Video Tutorial
The Consultation Video Tutorial
QResearch - latest research Video Tutorial
QOF 2015-16: What's new, & how to improve QOF earnings Video Tutorial
Introduction to Day 1: EMIS NUG Conference 2015 Video Tutorial
Recall ideas in Chronic Disease Management Video Tutorial
EMIS for visits Video Tutorial
GPSoC: Update on subsidiary modules Video Tutorial
EPS Implementation Video Tutorial
Ask EMIS 2015 Video Tutorial
Online access to medical records: yes, but.... Video Tutorial
QCancer integrated into EMIS Web Video Tutorial
Matt Murphy Reviews the EMIS Year for the NUG Conference Video Tutorial

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