Conference Content 2018

This page links to the recorded sessions of the 25th EMIS NUG Conference

Welcome to the recorded sessions from our 25th anniversary conference - a bumper event with over 50 presentations demonstrating a wide range of expertise within the NUG and welcoming some prominent outside speakers. It was a vibrant event and everyone left with upgraded  knowledge and fresh enthusiasm to try new things in their practice and to push EMIS Web further than ever; to boldly go .... for the benefits of their teams and patients. Enjoy and learn! 

Conference Content 2018

Title Type
EMIS Update (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
What's new with Q - new research and tools to improve patient care Video Tutorial
The creation and implementation of a practice intranet WIKI Video Tutorial
GDPR - a panel discussion (ICO, NHSE, NHSD) Video Tutorial
General Practice operational optimisation - a product view (Egton) Video Tutorial
User Driven Roadmap: Improving Emis Web Video Tutorial
Who is responsible for prescribing? (First Databank) Video Tutorial
Patient Platform- helping to future-proof General Practice (Patient Platform Ltd) Video Tutorial
The e-Referral Service (eRS) and the journey to the paper switch-off (NHSD) Video Tutorial
Working at Scale- lessons learnt from the frontline (Practice Unbound) Video Tutorial
QToolset Enterprise - integrating referral forms, clinical pathway & best practice guidance in EMIS Web (QMasters) Video Tutorial
Reduce waste & hassle: who'd have thought your printer could do that? (Epson) Video Tutorial
Using EMIS to improve care for patients with multi-morbidity Video Tutorial
Challenge the Geeks Video Tutorial
Engage Consult (Wiggly-Amps) Video Tutorial
GP Workload Tool (EMIS Health & NHSD) Video Tutorial
Resource Publisher - best practice (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Internal practice workflows (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Getting the most out of your EMIS Library (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Working more efficiently (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Dynamic Templates (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Analytics (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Population Reporting (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
The practical approach to SNOMED (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Dynamic Templates 2 (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Housekeeping in EMIS Web (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Work smarter with Protocols & Concepts (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
Using Summary Care Record Additional Information to improve care (NHSD) Video Tutorial
Spinning Platelets - turning guidance into EMIS tools Video Tutorial
Bringing Protocols to life Video Tutorial
25 years of GP IT and the NUG - a personal journey Video Tutorial
Getting ready for SNOMED (EMIS Health) Video Tutorial
NHS Digital and EMIS: the present and future (NHSD) Video Tutorial
Data Quality - 25 year on, where are now? Video Tutorial
The Falsified Medicines Directive (DHSC) Video Tutorial
Precision Searches - using advanced search tools Video Tutorial
GP IT Clinical Systems future contract arrangements (NHSE) Video Tutorial
EMISWeb: A journey from Paper Rags to Data Riches Video Tutorial
CCGs commissioning your GPIT services now and in the future; GP IT Operating Framework (NHSE) Video Tutorial
GDPR- Data protection within General Practice (ICO) Video Tutorial
Online Consultations (NHSE) Video Tutorial
Womens' Health Video Tutorial
UK Biobank and linkage with Primary Care Data Video Tutorial
Medicine & The Media- letting the facts get in the way of a good headline (Patient Platform Ltd) Video Tutorial
Importance of working in partnership with patients (NAPP) Video Tutorial
How NHS DIgital supports Primary Care with a focus on Practice Nursing (NHSD) Video Tutorial
Trafford Digital Revolution Video Tutorial
North Manchester Community Services- EMIS journey from paper heavy to paper light Video Tutorial
Lifestyle Medicine and the 4 Pillar Plan Video Tutorial

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