Conference Content 2022

We held our first in-person event since 2019 in historic York in June 2022.  We’d like to thank all of the delegates who attended and all of our exhibitors, sponsors and supporters.  Watch this space for updates on next year’s event.

Meanwhile here are over 40 fantastic presentation recordings to review and share with your teams. Many great ideas and demonstrations of how to improve your practices and all free to members!

Title Type
Product: GP Automate Video Tutorial
EDUNUG : Searches, the essentials Video Tutorial
EDUNUG: Advanced Searches Video Tutorial
EDUNUG: Recalls Video Tutorial
Ask EDUNUG - 2 Video Tutorial
Ask EDUNUG -1 Video Tutorial
How to Prioritise your Work & use work faster (Dr Hussain Gandhi) Video Tutorial
GP IT Futures - raising the bar for suppliers (Dan Wintercross, Justin Brightwell, NHSD) Video Tutorial
EMIS: EMIS Recruit, for trials Video Tutorial
GPDPR - lessons for 2022 (Dr Peter Short) Video Tutorial
Home BP Monitoring @ Home - the Stockport experience (Dr Aseem Mishra) Video Tutorial
Safeguarding & 8wk check template (Dr James Higgins) Video Tutorial
Improving verification & access for staff to National Clinical Services (Phil Gill, Richard Phillips, NHSD) Video Tutorial
Digital Health &; ongoing transformation in a post-pandemic world (Dr Matt Hoghton, NHSD) Video Tutorial
Clinical safety & New Ways of Digital First Communication (Dr Neill Jones, NHSD) Video Tutorial
Ask EMIS Q&A session Video Tutorial
Keynote: EMIS Health Video Tutorial
EMIS: Using Data Insights to Transform Primary Care Services Video Tutorial
EMIS: Transforming your Primary Care Processes Video Tutorial
EMIS: Atrial Fibrillation Advisor Video Tutorial
EMIS: Improving Customer Experience Video Tutorial
Improving Child Vaccination Rates in London (Jo Tissier, CEG) Video Tutorial
The Productive Practice Manager (Jennie Dock) Video Tutorial
QResearch - what's new in Q? (Prof. Julia Hippisley-Cox) Video Tutorial
Collaborative Care Home medicine at scale - insights from Torbay (Dr Katharine Bhatt) Video Tutorial
The Impact of Covid-19 on Primary Care Informatics (Dr Dai Evans) Video Tutorial
Managing the EPR using diabetes as a paradigm (Dr Dai Evans) Video Tutorial
Using eConsult & AccuRx as part of our core service (Dr Karl Graham) Video Tutorial
Top Tips for Practice Social Media (Kay Keane) Video Tutorial
EMIS: EMISWeb, what next? Video Tutorial
EMIS: Apex & Optimising workload, workforce and contract management Video Tutorial
EMIS: Maximising effectiveness with local referrals Video Tutorial
Products: Ardens -Maximise achievements on Network DES & QOF Video Tutorial
Products: Ardens - Streamline your recall processes Video Tutorial
Products: Dragon Medical One; save an hour a day Video Tutorial
Products: I-Plato - Enhance patient communications to improve population health & prevention Video Tutorial

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