Conference Content 2019

This page links to the recorded sessions of the 26th EMIS NUG Annual Conference held at York Racecourse

Welcome to the recorded sessions from our 26th anniversary conference. Many said it was the best yet and there were some excellent sessions over the four streams and a large exhibition, topped off by a great Gala Dinner amongst the old trains in the National Railway Museum. 

These videos, lasting around 35-45 minutes each, are a great way to catch up on the richness of knowledge around the country to improve the skills and processes within your practices and demonstrate what the NUG is all about- sharing and learning from each other. 

Title Type
Enabling Innovation - the digital ecosystem for patient-facing services (Kayleigh Buckle & Tristan Stanton) Video Tutorial
User Development Requests (UDR) - the development roadmap (Dustyn Saint & Adam Peardon) Video Tutorial
Patient-Centric Care (Sarah Jarvis) Video Tutorial
PINCER - The National Medication Safety Programme (David Evans & Sarah Rodgers Video Tutorial
Your practice website - an underused resource and how it can support you (Karen Johnson) Video Tutorial
The NHS Long Term Plan and GP Contract Changes (Farah Jameel) Video Tutorial
EMIS Health Pathway Project (Samantha Dorney-Smith & Vicki Naughton) Video Tutorial
Proxy access for online (Adam Tempest, Alastair Pugh & Edward Clode-Baker) Video Tutorial
Data analytics and insights - coming soon (Graham Downhill) Video Tutorial
Patient Access (Jason Keane & Michael Torrance) Video Tutorial
The CEG Model part 2 (Keith Prescott, Jayne Callaghan & Jo Tissier) Video Tutorial
The HbA1c Aid (James O'Brien) Video Tutorial
Online consultations using EMIS/ Egton Online Consult (Bhupinder Kohli and Bridie Oldroyd) Video Tutorial
Time for Care programme (Helena Ebbs) Video Tutorial
Income generation ideas for practices (Jenny Dock) Video Tutorial
General Practice: Evolving under the Hammer (Mike Holmes) Video Tutorial
How is technology supporting General Practice? - meeting the contracts (Masood Nazir) Video Tutorial
Life after GPES - what next for GP data collection? (Peter Short) Video Tutorial
Making sense of Primary Care Appointment data (James Insley & Steve Roe) Video Tutorial
NHS Digital: Primary Care technology update (Stephen Miller) Video Tutorial
Keynote: Delivering modern General Practice - a product view (Shaun Hanlon and Rob Davies) Video Tutorial
Advanced Features Showcase (Kathryn Hoyle) Video Tutorial
Atrial Fibrillation Advisor - making the most of it (Nicholas Boeckx) Video Tutorial
Challenge the geeks (Dustyn Saint, Jez McCole, Merlin Dunlop) Video Tutorial
Supporting the future of General Practice (Suzy Foster) Video Tutorial
EMIS X- Help shape the future of health & care technology (Adam Peardon & David Sayce) Video Tutorial
Protocols and Concepts for beginners (Ross Furlong) Video Tutorial
Smarter Searches and Reports (Debbie Deeming) Video Tutorial
Cross-Organisational working: Setting up a shared clinical service (Jonathan Bee) Video Tutorial

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