EMIS NUG procuring provider for members’ online education and training package.

Mon, 20/11/2023 - 10:23 -- admin

EMIS National User Group (NUG) is looking for a provider for EduNUG – its online education and training programme.

EMIS NUG is an independent non-profit making organisation established to improve patient care through better use of health information. It is the bridge between general practice and EMIS – the company that supplies electronic patient record systems and software used in primary care.

The NUG supports EMIS users to get the best out of their system, by providing training, educational material and a range of other benefits for its members.

EduNUG is a suite of online training and education materials. The resources range from full modular courses to standalone lessons, workshops, articles, hints and tips. This content -which is accessed through the group’s website – enables members to study at their own pace, whether they are advanced users or beginners.

EduNUG resources, often form part of new employees’ inductions and are also used to train locums. EduNUG’s clinical material is created according to National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines and educational material is delivered using validated techniques. 

The purpose of this procurement process is to identify a provider to deliver, develop and expand the EduNUG programme.

The contract to deliver this work will initially run for one year but can be expanded if it is successful – as defined by a set of agreed key performance indicators.

Therefore, we seek opening informal discussion, without prejudice, with any organisations who might be interested in bidding – either alone or in association with partners – for the EduNUG development programme.

We hope we might hear from interested parties by 7 December so we can begin a more formal process.  If you are interested and wish to have an informal discussion, please contact Rachael Lankshear, Chair at rachael.lankshear@nhs.net

There will then be a formal selection process. 

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