Watchdog meeting Nov 11th 2021

Thu, 18/11/2021 - 11:43 -- alan.selwyn

EMIS update patches changed deployment: these are now downloaded around 2 days before the actual update is activated – so they don’t interact with EMIS until it’s time for the update, this should reduce any disruption to the user.

The next big release of many changes is 9.14. We’d been told releases will be smaller and more agile but will receive feedback on when this starts.  

Appointment book refresh – feedback has been well received, phase 1 is already being rolled out, phase 2 to improve Enterprise working is expected to be released in Q1 2022

Resource Publisher – updates to move onto a separate database have been rolled out to a very few practices so far to ensure no further problems. The rollout will be in next few days then activated a couple of days later. Some anecdotal reports of big increases in speed of downloading resources though still slow first load in the session. We await more data.

Speed issues in the morning – discussions were had regarding the speed issues experienced in the morning.  EMIS view is this is about demand when users are logging on.  Our challenge is that this is a known issue and should be accounted for.  Move to Amazon servers seems not to have resolved this.

EMIS enterprise cross organisational appointments could not be used for COVID clinics – brought the hosting practice to a halt. Awaiting a report back from EMIS.

EPS – EMIS have made changes so less frequent PDS looks ups. No substantial user effect noticed. Notes that if you move to another module within EMIS e.g. consultation then PDS is re-checked. More improvements to EPS on the way.

Support team EMIS reported some improvements e.g. if user contacted over weekend and no response case is no longer closed, just marked as ‘failed callback’. New manager plans on significant changes. We asked for a magazine article of the changes to the support system so users can be kept informed.

EMIS newsletter it was fed back that this can be quite corporate at times – need to ensure correct/appropriate newsletter sent to the correct user and avoid starting a newsletter with an advert for a partner product!

Top 100 problems – no update.  EMIS have still not been able to get this info for us.

Resource Publisher doesn’t always indicate clearly when it is searching for something – just see a blank whereas most other systems indicate a search is happening. This might look as if the system has crashed. EMIS will report back

Slow searches – often queues for many minutes, if not hours or simply won't run at all- not good enough – is it a lack of cloud server capacity? We thought the move to AWS would make this a non issue. Discussed last time and hoping for more info.

QOF searches not running regularly – especially the vital year end views. Lack of updated data causing problems  - again is it a server capacity issue? EMIS states NHSD priority reports and extracts causing these delays, but we as users feel this is not acceptable.

EMIS web freezing if left unattended may have improved but erratic and may only be a local issue. less when left unattended but still a problem

EMIS FB Page – we suggested that EMIS try occasionally posting good news things on that page so it counterbalances the negative things.

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