Watchdog meeting 9.12.21 notes

Thu, 09/12/2021 - 17:44 -- alan.selwyn

Speed and performance issues Monday 6 Dec - Many users reported speed and freezing issues on Monday.  The team worked quickly to identify the issue, which was related to the update which aimed to fix the longstanding refresh issue.  By the end of the day on Tuesday, this update had been turned off and most users reported a return to normal service.  The development team will work to identify the defect before rolling it out again.  Discussion was had regarding the process around testing new developments and how issues can be identified sooner in the future.

QoF reports  - these are still not running every day.  The EMIS team will investigate further and will aim to feedback to us later this week.

9.14 – The team are working hard on 9.14 to sort EPS performance issues and other known performance issues.  EPS performance will be a process of continual improvement.  The team will update us on developments in patch updates as they are released. 

Top 100 PRBs -  work is still going on, with queries being raised by the senior leadership team.  An updated is expected in the new year. 

EMIS Now passwords – the Watchdog Group previously asked the team to look at the frequency of when password need changing.  Still looking at this.  Ideal would be a single sign on.  

Comms work – positive stories to be shared and better info for users.  

RP - Have fixed many Resource Publisher defects, system taking lots of memory etc.  More updates coming in 9.14

GP2GP – NHSD have been working on some fixes from their side, has reduced number of errors getting logged.  Other fixes in 9.14 and errors should be reduced even further.  EMIS meeting with NHSD in January.  Cross border GP2GP not in the pipeline

Performance monitoring – ongoing, feedback, many relates to Resource Publisher.  Facts and figures coming to show where improvements have been seen.

No patch updates will be released from 17 December to 6 January.  


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