Update on regular UDR meeting with EMIS March 2021

Wed, 07/04/2021 - 20:08 -- alan.selwyn

Brief update- we are now sending a link to a Mach Form to members suggesting good ideas seen on our UDR Facebook Page. This enables EMIS to collect details on the suggested enhancement. Both EMIS and the NUG have seen many ideas over the years which are quite hard to understand. Asking a few structured questions helps explain things more easily. We can then discuss at our monthly meeting and agree a weighting to each ideas, looking at how often it has been raised before, how many team members would benefit, how often and what the likely benefit would be. We then pass the higher weighted ideas on to the development team to explore for viability - how long would the implementation take and what resources would be required, what other bits of the system might it affect - positively and negatively, how can it be programmed into the existing roadmap etc. NAturally only a few ideas can be taken forward but some do come up repeatedly and those will have a higher likelihood of success.

One of the commonest requests comes for various aspects of Tasks, which have certainly not kept up with current needs. We discussed some suggestions this time and it seems we do desperately need an overhaul of an essential tool for good teamwork and efficiency and we hope to hear back next time. A simple but useful suggestion was for search items to be highlighted like most standard search tools. Adddtional phone fields, confiidentiality in patient reports and Appointment module improvements were among the other items discussed,

Keep your ideas coming!

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