UDR Monthly touchpoint meeting with EMIS

Thu, 03/12/2020 - 10:36 -- alan.selwyn

We had our monthly UDR catchup with EMIS on 26th Nov and discussed a number of your ideas from the UDR Facebook page (so keep them coming!). Currently this seems the best way to get your ideas to us and thence to EMIS though EMIS also picks up ideas from their field teams, trainers, Servcie Desk (frequently asked issues), local meetings and EMIS Now. The volume of any particualr idea carrries weight so always rasie them even if you see others have.

We are looking at a better process for feeding these back to EMIS, more 'real-time' ,via a private portal to the team, which will allow more sophisticated collation and reporting. We hope to give better feed back as a result and to involve a trainer, as often there are solutions already within EMISWeb that are not well-known to users.

The main thrust of EMIS development is of course EMIS-X but Web will continue to be enhanced; just to say because of the architecture, even small and seemingly insignificant changes can take ages to implement and unforeseen problems often arise (as we know only too well!). There is a very complex development roadmap involving many stages and we try to weight our requests by an objective weighted scoring system detailed at last year's Annual Conference. So not all ideas will get through - they need to have impact to a wide range of users, to many users, of high value in our work or safety benefits and then EMIS will discuss practicalities such as how long the development work will take and when it can be scheduled into their programme and might it affect other things adversely.

Coming some time soon-ish will be requested items such as QRISK3, QBLEED, EPS outside of primary care (for community), Remote Consultations for multiple enterprise sites, Medication withdrawn warning and a variety of smaller enhancements.

Thanks for all of your ideas- many very good ones!

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