UDR Meeting 9.12.21 notes

Thu, 09/12/2021 - 22:29 -- alan.selwyn

We met Louise Harvey who leads the User Experience (UX) team at EMIS and is keen to learn what users find good or need improving within EMIS Web. She will be looking at things to bring into EMIS-X development and also the intermediate features such as the proposed Emis Assistant free floating module which will give different view and access to parts of the patient record without locking it. There is a research wing within her team - so keep your ideas coming and Louise will keep an eye on UDR and join us each month when there are ideas to discuss.

We discussed some of the UDR ideas sent in by users on the Mach Form sent from the UDR Facebook page, including items connected with Appointments, AccuRx consultation type searches, additional patient contact fields (this will be looked at in conjuenction with registration deatil review), the two consultations open presentation and customisation, and a couple of other items.

Next meeting in January.

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