Monthly meeting with EMIS Oct 21

Sun, 24/10/2021 - 00:33 -- alan.selwyn

Notes from Monthly catchup with EMIS 21.10.21

We met online with several key people from EMIS, as happens most months, though quite a few were on leave or unavailable.

We heard about the continuing reduction in errors resulting from the ongoing work to improve performance. The imminent release, 9.13.10, aims to fix many of the problems caused by Resource Publisher, so by around 5-7th November everyone will hopefully see the benefits.

9.13.11 will see improvements to the speed of EPS, another long-awaited user wish; .we hope as a Christmas present. 9.11.14 will include improvements to search and reports.

Watch out on EMISNow for release news and as we have requested, we hope to see some improvements to the accuracy, timeliness and distribution of release news -there is a new team dealing with this. We also asked for more direct notification of exactly when our own practice will be updated so we do not have the 3hr delays to activation of EMIS Web whilst it uploads changes, as some users reported recently. This can happen particularly to remote-working laptops which are not used regularly or PCs left off for a few days when someone is on leave.

QRisk3 will hopefully be ready in quarter 2 of next year.

EMIS X development continues in an incremental fashion to create background system changes and small new front-end changes. Eventually all new functionality will be built on the EMIS-X framework and be backward-compatible with EMIS Web. We hope to hear more.

EMIS will extend local user engagement workshops around the country (by invitation only) to gain wider feedback. EMIS will resume the popular EMIS Live events around the country early next year.

We discussed how EMIS uses communications to users in the different media and how effective or otherwise this can be and we made several suggestions. The RSS feed will be improved in the near future to make it more flexible for near real-time use.


(image John Schnobrich, Unsplash)

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