Monthly EMIS / EMISNUG Touchpoint Meeting Nov 18th 2021

Thu, 18/11/2021 - 12:24 -- alan.selwyn

The meeting today was very much depleted in number with only three EMIS representatitves (and three from the NUG).

We heard from Richard Farrell-Smith, Product Development Manager for Primary Care. He gave a status report on EMIS-X which is developing along three strands- EMIS-X Digital (the basic modular system), EMIS-X Connect - the interoperability part and EMIS-X Data, with the already released EMIS-X Analytics being key. We were told that a document management system which was under development and planned to be released in February this year - which members of the committee have been involved with to some degree - has been pretty much ditched. Richard said it was a complex piece of work and the timescale for release was stretching into an unacceptable future. You may have completed a recent survey on features you'd like to see and Richard told us the company is now looking to see what they can provide either in house or with a third party to give 'best value' to users. We robustly expressed great disappointment to this news and the immediate requirement from users for this vital tool.

'Patient' is now integrated into the EMIS structure rather than standalone and we expressed the need for this to be a non commerical, better integrated part of the primary care system, so vital is easy, seamless patient interaction on many levels.

EMIS-X Assistant is being developed to bring an additional external module to sit alongside EMISWeb to give different types of visibility of patient data from the standard views in EMIS Web. It will be able to be called upon any time and not be a pop-up or blocker in any workflows. We hope to see a demo at the next meeting.

We noted that many 'enhancements' released by EMIS were actually 'fixes' for bit of the system we'd expect to work properly and that true enhancements were in fact relatively few and far between.

We discussed several other items and though we gave them a hard time, are grateful for the space EMIS give to the user representative voice.

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