Financial Accounts Year End 2013 now available (member-only)

Now available to download.

The NUG would like to propose replacing with a system based on the original principles and design of the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) and Pseudonymisation at Source (PAS).

The EMIS NUG welcomes the announcement by NHS England that the extractions have been postponed until September.

After a delay of several months and extended discussions with the ICO NHS England has now sent out its patient information leaflets for and the extractions will start in the next few week

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Financial Accounts Year End 2013 now available (member-only)
In this article Dr Gwynfor Evans shows how to use an EMIS Web protocol to enhance clinical safety following an incident in the practice where a...
The National User Group is pleased to note that EMIS has agreed and signed a Deed of Undertaking for Data Processing.
Now available to download
If a patient is on a regular prescription for a drug the a set of prescriptions can be issued for the pharmacy to cover until the next planned review...
Please note this video may take a little while to load. This video was produced by the Clinical Effectiveness Group with the EMIS National User Group...


Maggie Falshaw interviews Dr William Lumb, GP, Sedburgh Practice, Cumbria. GP Commissioning and shadow boards will be with us all from 1st April 2011...
I need to get a few things off my chest!
Since the beginning of QOF we have got used to the indicators being published late, and the business rules even later. EMIS provide a set of...
The EMISNUG are concerned about the extent of patient identifiable data planned in the extract mandated from the Health and Social Care...
Patient-identifiable data will soon be extracted from GP systems and placed in a large database under government control.
Downloadable PDF of the entire issue EMIS Web across practices Testing our IT business continuity plan 50 issues of EMISUser Mobile WiFi Modem EMIS...


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