Presentations 2016

This page has links to all the recorded presentations from the 2016 EMIS NUG Annual Conference.

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Friday, September 23, 2016
Title Presenter Type
Data sharing and your practice information governance Video Tutorial
Group Therapy Module 6 - Workflow Video Tutorial
Group Therapy Module 5 - Searches Video Tutorial
Group Therapy Module 4 - Prescribing Video Tutorial
eConsult – shifting patient care online Video Tutorial
New User guide to using Searches and List Reports for QOF Video Tutorial
What will a paperless GP practice look like in 2020 using EMIS Health? Video Tutorial
Efficiency in Action - How Mill Practice are delivering fast, safe care Video Tutorial
National Services - updates and Electronic Repeat Dispensing Video Tutorial
EMIS Web Pros Video Tutorial
Smarter Searching: Tackling population health Video Tutorial
#emiswebsmart - Hints, tips and hidden gems Video Tutorial
Down with DNAs: reducing missed appointments Video Tutorial
Rapid Resources - time saving protocols and templates Video Tutorial
Performance Reporting and staff appraisal - #emiswebsmart reporting to monitor and enhance performance Video Tutorial
Create, share and innovate with resource publisher Video Tutorial
Apps, Wearables & Personal Health Records - Helping Patients help themselves Video Tutorial
SNOMED CT – an advanced peer into the blizzard Video Tutorial
An introduction to SNOMED CT for EMIS Web Video Tutorial
Improving Patient Care through Information and Technology Video Tutorial
2016 Conference Day 2 Introduction Video Tutorial
Thursday, September 22, 2016
Title Presenter Type
Cost effective telehealth: the benefits to your patients, and your practice. Video Tutorial
QBleed & other risk assessment tools in EMIS Web Video Tutorial
QCancer - early diagnosis of cancer & safety netting Video Tutorial
Group Therapy Module 3 - Templates Video Tutorial
Group Therapy Module 2 - Consultations Video Tutorial
Group Therapy Module 1 - Appointments Video Tutorial
Safer prescribing; safer patients - how eye-tracking research is helping to improve prescribing alerts Video Tutorial
How we developed a Pre-Op Optimisation Project Video Tutorial
Using summary care record additional information to improve care Video Tutorial
Constructive use of Patient Facing Services Video Tutorial
Joining the dots 2 - Using remote consultations Video Tutorial
Mobilising your workforce Video Tutorial
Joining the dots - effective cross-org tasks, appointments and alerts Video Tutorial
Clinical assessment tools showcase Video Tutorial
Efficiently and effectively combating chronic illness - saving time and money with advanced computer-aided consulting Video Tutorial
Enterprise Reporting - Big Data and Population Health Video Tutorial
Urgent and Emergency Care – EMIS Health Vision Video Tutorial
Joining Up Services across Liverpool, A New Era of Digital Care Video Tutorial
The bigger picture - 3 CCGs working together Video Tutorial
One Template for Everything Video Tutorial
NHSmail enabling digital collaboration Video Tutorial
New Models of Care - cross-org working Video Tutorial
2016 EMIS Health Update Video Tutorial
2016 Conference Day 1 Introduction Video Tutorial

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