Welcome updates in version 6.3

Tue, 30/08/2016 - 09:12 -- Geoff Schrecker

We are pleased to see that after a lot of work with the User Driven Requirements Group code conversion is coming to EMIS Web. This will mean that as the "official" codes (was Read, now SNOMED CT) are released the EMIS temporary codes can be converted to the official code and acrhived from the system.

This change is particularly welcome as it will improve the quality of our records and improve the efficacy and safety both of our own decision support and of sharing of information across orgaisations.

For more detailed information look on the EMIS Support Centre

It is also good to see the ability to archive old slot types, something which will help to de-clutter a lot of practice's appointment configuration systems! Archive slot types

For the more geeky among us we also get the option to sort and find the highest or lowest values in concepts! I can feel some more frenzied protocol and concept writing coming on for things like calculating target non-HDL cholesterols.

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