Watchdog Meeting Oct 2022

Thu, 27/10/2022 - 16:02 -- alan.selwyn

After a bit of a gap, which has seen a different team at EMIS takeover working with us, the Watchdog have met with EMIS to feedback on your performance issues.

Resource Publisher - roll out is starting again from 18 Oct. The EMIS team are confident that many of the previously identified issues have now been resolved. There continues to be issues around large file size resources. EMIS needs to work with providers to look at what templates and protocols are of a significant size. The number of high resolution photographs being brought into health records has been identified as an issue. 25% of practices do not yet have Resource Publisher yet.

Speed Issues – The minimum specification has been updated as to what is needed to make EMIS run effectively. Teams is memory hungry for example, and is a recent addition to the standard software that is running on practice computers. EMIS Now contains details of the hard wear specification and this is shared with local IT teams and service desks.

Screen messaging – Many users have reported their frustration at the ongoing issues with screen messaging. EMIS have previously confirmed that they were not working to fix these issues but were working to move the functionality to the EMIS Assistant, which is powered by EMIS X technology. EMIS Assistant is ready to be piloted, with members the the NUG committee included in the pilot. We will update you with our experiences. It will be rolled out across the estate from January to March. Screen messaging issues are responsible for the largest number of calls in to support.

QOF searches - the committee fed back that these are still not running on a regular basis. This issue has been discussed at Watchdog meetings for many months. Year end needs to be running daily so that we have real time data. We are focused on Flu and cannot have the live data to support our efforts. EMIS state that the reporting issues are due to the amount of data extracts required by NHSD. We have again stressed that this is not acceptable to users. EMIS team to feedback at the next meeting.

EMIS Now single sign on – EMIS Assistant will allow single sign on to EMIS Now. Hooray!

Top 100 – Watchdog have previously asked for the Top 100 issues to be shared with the NUG and Users. The delay on this project if that the system pulls through issues from all systems, not just EMIS Web. Work is ongoing to make this information useful for us and may require reducing the items shown. We would hope that this s achievable.

KD Errors – the committee highlighted issues around trying to log KD errors. EMIS are very keen for errors to be logged as no issues ca be resolved if they are not reported, but Users report real difficulties in the process. EMIS is working with Greater Manchester on the known memory issues. How is the information around machines with high numbers of KD errors going to be used?

Tasks – safe bulk management of tasks is still being worked on. There are a number of good practice actions that practices should take which would help the management of tasks in the system. It was agreed that an article for the next NUG Magazine would be helpful

QRISK 3 – coming any time soon? Being discussed with clinical safety officers but not imminent. Issues around the tool still running on read codes.

The next meeting will take place in December and we will ask for feedback to be submitted in advance through this group.


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