Proposal for creation of an Educational and Resource Package

Tue, 30/03/2021 - 00:03 -- alan.selwyn

Proposal to procure an Education, Training and Resource package for members

We are inviting nterested parties to enter discussions on this topic.

The EMIS National User Group (EMIS NUG) is an independent non-profit making organisation established to improve patient care through better use of health information. To achieve this, it supports EMIS users in general practices and community settings to get the best possible use out of their computer system by providing training and educational materials. We also operate as a charity (No 1072834)

We are proposing, as a benefit for members, the creation of a supported educational package and associated resources to help users of the EMIS Web computer system and partner products gain better use of the systems, to improve their efficiency and the care and management of patients in their service.

The package will be preceeded by a needs assessment in order to focus the offer where most effective. It will be targeted at all levels of staff within practices and should include beginners through to intermediate and more advanced users.

The package will be based on webinars, recorded videos and other online material accessed through our website, building into structured courses and linked to CPD. Clinical material will be based on best evidence (NICE etc) and educational material using validated educational techniques. 

We envisage web-based training so that team members and teams will learn to use the tools within EMIS Web to create resources to improve efficiency of processes, aid clinical decision making or improve the care of patients and practice populations. Pre-built resources will also be provided and the training provided so that practice members learn to use these resources effectively in everyday practice. These might include but not be limited to using EMIS Web tools such as templates, protocols, concepts, alerts, searches and reports.

The innovative use of readily available third party tools integrated with EMIS Web will be encouraged. 

Improving data quality will be an important area of attention by improving the understanding and correct use of coding and also Problems and other parts of the system to teach the construction of good records.

We have identified funds to create this package operating, initially, over a one year contract, which may be continued if it is successful, as defined by a set of agreed KPIs.

We seek opening informal discussion, without prejudice, with any organisations who might be interested in bidding – either alone or in association with partners - for such a contract. There will then be a formal selection process. 

We hope we might hear from interested parties by the end of April 16th so we can begin a more formal process. We aim to have decided on the provider in July and have a plan in place by September 23rd in order to announce to members at our AGM on that day. 

Please contact our Group Manager, Lorraine Witherspoon,  tel 0191 487 4571 



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