Great User Development activity at EMIS NUG 18

Sun, 16/09/2018 - 21:12 -- Dpsaint

The recent Summer NUG18 conference was a hive of activity for User Developement Requests.  We had a great session highlighing the current UDRs in train with EMIS.  These include:

  • Replace medication - so that dose increases/decreases can simply replace alternatve doses withiout having to start/stop medication
  • A faster way of changing problem priorities - hence making tidying up records much more simple
  • Ability to not print EPSr2 tokens for Repeat Dispensing - saving on printing unnecessary scripts
  • Search facility in medicaiton

These will be rolled out to users in the next month or so.  We've got a great list of ideas which our members have been voting on for the next round of development requests:

  • Insert an appointment slot at the start of a session
  • Pop-up boxes should be 'in frame' without having to click in them first
  • Add medication in a template
  • Ability to copy and paste nodes within a protocol
  • Show who did the work in a shared appointment list - i.e. who consulted with which patient
  • Ability to change a 15 min appointment slot to a 10 plus 5, rather than halving to 7
  • Insert a comment at the start of an appointment session
  • Add a new inbox to Workflow Manager for Medication requests done via PFS
  • Allow us to do something else when a task is open on the screen
  • Click on column headers to order past drugs
  • Option to flag a medication 'request issue' as urgent
  • Add 'Not collected' to the reasons drop down when cancelling a medication issue
  • Align EMIS calendar with system to highlight bank holidays
  • Ability to enter 'Pharmacy Message' and 'Patient Message' at the point of requesting and issue

We've also started to collate some great ideas for the next round of UDRs, so be sure to get in contact with any ideas you have!


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