EMIS & NUG Trial New Process for User Developments

Sat, 01/12/2018 - 11:06 -- alan.selwyn

EMIS have announced on their support page a trial of a collaborative approach to assessing and devleoping User Driven Requirements (UDR).  

Your ideas will now be logged directly through the NUG UDR Facebook page for prioritisation. This provides a great opportunity as the NUG represents over 1600 EMIS practices, and therefore their clinical insight will help us work together to prioritise improvements to EMIS Web. During this trial EMIS will be removing the ability to log ideas through the Support Centre, so this will be the ONLY route for your ideas to be prioritized.

How it works: 

You have an idea for EMIS Web that will improve patient care, make your organisation more efficient or just make everybody’s jobs that bit easier. Your ideas should be designed to deliver small changes to existing processes, rather than large modular changes.

Logging your idea

Your ideas should now be logged via the NUG Facebook page. You don’t need to be a member of the NUG to log your ideas but you do need to become a member of this Facebook group in order to log them. If you do not have a Facebook account then please email your ideas to udr@emisnug.org.

The prioritisation process

The NUG committee and our Product Management team will work together to score each idea (including our backlog of historic ideas). The scoring matrix has been created collaboratively between EMIS and the NUG committee.

Each idea will be awarded up to 25 points, based on the following criteria:

  •  Value
  •  Number of users affected
  • 'Pain' alleviation
  • Volume of requests
  • Usability

Some of the scores are applied using existing data sources, for example, ‘usability’ is scored based on thousands of System Usability Scale survey responses from the last three years. Others, such as ‘value’, are scored according to a set of rules (e.g. if an enhancement reduces clicks or time, it gets a value score of 3. If it improves patient safety or results in an improved process, it gets a value score of 5). The score will determine the priority of the idea, and the highest scoring ideas will be the first to be developed.

Due to the volume of ideas logged we will not be making contact with individual users regarding their outstanding ideas, we will instead be asking that users check the EMIS Support Centre, where a dedicated page will list the ideas currently in development and those lined up for development.

Release News

Before logging your idea check the latest Release News or the latest planned ideas that are currently lined up for development. EMIS has a number of ideas that will be in future releases, and currently have ideas assigned to the 8.5 and 8.6 releases. Many of these are from previous User requests.

Let us know if you think this system works for you or if you have sugested tweaks or suggestions.

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