Development Group Meeting 8 September 2016

Wed, 14/09/2016 - 14:45 -- Geoff Schrecker

The NUG team met with EMIS on 8 September to review progress on current requirements and review new suggestions.

Developed or in development

It was good to see a number of user requirements in recent releases

  • Middle names display in patient find
  • Problem management within the consultation
  • Ability to archive slot tyoes in appointments configuration

As well as in the scheduled for inclusion in releases in the coming months:

  • Middle names display in the precis bar
  • Triggering a protocol when a drug is selected in the Add a drug dialogue
  • The addition of the location to the panic button alert
  • The first part of a "User Leaving Wizard"
  • Reconfiguration of the blue tasks notification bar to prevent the waiting patients being lost off the end.

There are also a number of requirements currently in development or at the elaboration stages

  • Functionality to replace a drug (eg when increasing from Raimpril 2.5mg to Ramipril 5mg)
  • Changes to the prescribing alerts (an outcome of the work done with users at last years NUG conference)
  • Development of the QBleed and QStroke tools for integration into calculators in EMIS Web templates.

In the queue

A number of other developments were also reviewed, these are changes that the group has agreed, but are awaiting a slot in the development program

  • Being able to trigger protocols when viewing patholgy workflow
  • Rejecting medication issue requests to prompt for a reason
  • Ability to change status for groups of problems (eg 4 problems from active to Minor/Past
  • Include future appointments in mail merged letter
  • Add the Patient Facing Services status to the Precis bar
  • A confirmation dialogue when batch adding patient warnings
  • Ability to grooup codes for review (eg when lab changes the code it uses for PSA)
  • Further developent of User Leaving Wizard functionality.

Other issues

We also reviewed developments from GPSoC and related to national services.


The pilots for dispensing practices to enable EPS are due to get underway soon.

The ability to send controlled drugs via EPS should be released before Christmas!

Pilot sites for phase 4 of EPS in which all prescriptions will be electronically signed (even if the patient has no nominated pharmacy) are due to start soon.


The latest version incorporating the ability to receive a returning record is due to receive full roll out approval imminently, once this has been assurred it will gradually be released.

CDA (Clinical Document Architecture)

This enables electronic documents to be sent and received including coded information. Pilot sites are due to start soon.


EMIS are working on the migration to full SNOMED functionality as required by the ending of the Read Code licences by NHS Digital (HSCIC as was).

The background system incorporates SNOMED, but the work os being done on creating a code browser which will support users to code well.

Work is also going on to make sure that performance is maintained despite the significant increase in the size of the code database.

EMIS are hoping to demonstrate prototype browsers and get wider user feedback at the NUG conference in Nottingham 


Submitted by Drachakrabarti on


-If Optimise suggests a generic drug when in Medicinees management there's no way of changing it.

-Getting rid of the scroll bar in appointments- annoying, especially when on-call

-Ability to add carer details/ contact numbers into precis bar

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