Autumn Quarterly Joint Meeting with EMIS (UDR/Watchdog)

Thu, 22/10/2020 - 23:57 -- alan.selwyn

We held our Autumn Quarterly Joint Working Group meeting remotely with EMIS on 15th Oct 2020.

We discussed the recent instructions about GP Connect purporting to come from EMIS which gave some erroneous set-up information. GP Connect now allows 111, Extended Access Hubs and the Covid Clinical Assessment Service to book patients into GP surgeries as well as html views of the GP record (later to send pdf discharge summaries back to practices). The set-up information was published by NHSD stamped with the EMIS logo without agreement from EMIS. The information has now been corrected and more sites set up correctly, though much of the set-up depends on local configurations.

We decided it would be better to delay rolling out receiving the data on flu injections administered outside the practice until it can be auto-coded into the record (or we’d have heavy admin coding work with the 50-64yr old cohort maybe being done at local mass injection sites) and this is scheduled for Nov/Dec, so only a short delay.

We discussed a number of User Developments requests and as there are so many we are setting up another meeting in November to whittle down the top 100 into a more manageable 25 in order to set some realistic EMIS Web development goals for the next few months whilst development of EMIS-X continues at pace. QBleed and QRisk 3 are important items we need ASAP.

We were shown some ideas for bits of the new EMIS Document management system due for release next year and gave our opinions on various options and will be involved further. It is clear this has to be a major leap forward from the existing outmoded system and seeks to be an advance on Docman. Look out for a webinar from EMIS in November. 

The new EMIS Analytics platform officially launched today and seems a powerful and flexible product providing an analytic tool (Explorer) to make sense of the riches within a massive Data Lake pulling hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Standard or bespoke dashboards can be published to view on Visualizer. It will be available for CCGs, PCNs and other ‘at scale’ organisations.

Under ‘Watchdog we discussed items such as the continued RSS Feed failure (soon to fixed…again), the Memory Full problem crashing EMIS when using templates and other functions, to be fixed imminently, Resource Publisher, now rolled out across most of the estate but not necessarily switched on (requires some local IT support training, the much delayed  implementation of Dynamic Templates, Virtual Smartcards, coming shortly (which will end the problem of not being able to sync. Smartcards using the current version of Identity agent with Windows 10.

We raised continued dissatisfaction with some aspects of EMIS Now Knowledge organsiation and search facility but are pleased to learn the issue of not being able to register at more tan one organisation is being fixed.

Separate from this meeting we also tested the new Libre open office word processing software - a surrogate MS Word to allow EMIS to fucntion on those sites whre N365 would only provide a cloud-based Office system (where a desktop programme is provided Libre is not needed)

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